AStri Policy research and consultancy group

AStri Policy research and consultancy group
AStri is a research and consultancy group which was established in 1992 and is situated in Leiden in the Netherlands. Our core mission is to contribute to a sustainable labour participation by carrying out research and consultancy projects for different clients, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In doing so we provide our clients with thorough knowledge and expertise in order to help them to effectuate and evaluate their policies on employment and social security. 

In studying the domains of entry into the labour market, sustainable employment and social security, AStri has a long standing tradition of drawing international comparisons. We have ample knowledge of EU-level social policy, as well as the social and institutional contexts of the different EU countries. Additionally, AStri has a wide network of foreign experts with whom we regularly cooperate on international projects. Our activities include performing international projects for foreign clients, as well as cooperating with other research and consultancy groups in tender procedures.

Core expertise:

  • Entry into the labour market
    Increasing labour market participation and counter unemployment.
  • Sustainable employability
    Improving sustainable employability by addressing issues of quality of work and employment.
  • Social security
    Establishing whether social security systems are adequate and employment oriented.

Core services:

  • Policy research
    Exploring new policy issues, and evaluating current policies, regulations and laws. 
  • Policy consultancy
    Consultancy on policy development, implementation and policy change. 
  • Knowledge transfer
    We inform, teach and train stakeholders on labour market and employment policies and issues.